Lert News
July 2018

Dear Kiwi,

Speed of Road Alerts (YOU can play a HUGE part here)

Our two main info sources are the Police and NZTA. Once they've gone to a situation and confirmed the details, their report may be delayed up to 90 mins.

You, on the other hand, can e-mail us almost instantly.

Please be as accurate as possible and give distances, landmarks, intersections, how bad, and which direction of travel is affected. We will generate an initial basic alert that will be an early heads-up for others. We will then send more details as they come to hand.
We find that Lert members such as yourself are VERY reliable.

Check your E-mail

We have many alerts bounce back with a message that reads "e-mail address is no longer valid". Please check that your alternative e-mail address (if you have one) still works - a huge time-savings for us.

Get the most from Alerts

Alerts help you avoid emergencies which you may not hear of for hours otherwise. This gives you a heads-up and can buy you valuable time. For example, during the Southland Snow Event in early June, snow wasn't expected below 300m, however, it quickly became evident the= re would be issues. Our in-house weather specialist issued an alert, advising that roads were likely to close (thanks to the valuable reports from members). That was at about 7pm, by 8:30pm the first roads were becoming impassable, which meant people couldn't travel and those who did... got stuck because they were unaware.

Weather changes very quickly and this is why we always recommend the Txt service over e-mail only.
Upgrade - just $2/mo!

Blog Page

Our blog has been developed as a safety measure when Facebook doesn't allow us to operate in your best interests. Please visit the Lert Info Blog.

Waverley Tragedy (Taranaki)

Our hearts go out to the hundreds of people affected by this. It's so sad, as any crash is.
It was gut-wrenching for our staffer to have to send that alert, and because the initial number of four dead was so high, he had to confirm it, as it seemed incredulous. Four alerts were generated to help road users. We have a lot of commercial drivers including truckies, using our Txt Road Alert service. This impacted them severely, and you probably saw the very long line of trucks pulled over on the TV news.

Please drive responsibly. It's better to arrive late, than not at all. DON'T use cell phones. If you need to change the music, do it on the straights, not corners. If you need to sneeze (it's cold season), slow down. Remember, the sun is lower on the horizon, and that can cause you to sneeze and give you sun strike.

Incoming Weather

Wind and rain have caused problems over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon they affected Buller and NW Nelson. From Monday to Wednesday, snow is forecast to about 400m. This will affect the mountain passes.
The free E-mail service will keep you safer sooner; the Txt service is sooner still. Please share our service with friends and family.

Arthurs Pass

Help us complete the Lert App!

We are in the final throws of finishing the highly anticipated Lert App. To complete it, we need to raise additional funds.
Lert has been developed thanks to the unwavering dedication of Ashley, Derek and Stuart. We have committed our personal finances, manpower, and passion - providing New Zealand with emergency alerts for the past 6 years.
The App is nearly complete, but needs that little bit extra to get it over the line. To this end, we are launching a PledgMe campaign to raise the funds needed.
With an additional $10,000 we expect to see the completion of the App by the end of August.
We would like your feedback; would you consider supporting this campaign? If so click here (this does not commit you to anything).

Stay safe!

Alerting New Zealand