Lert News
Sept 2018

Hi Kiwi,

The last 3 days of August saw 9 deaths on the roads - please drive defensively.
Conflicting information from both Police and NZTA for the same incidents often creates a confusing picture. However, we take the necessary time to sort these road Lerts out for you.

Road Lerts

At present, much of what we send are road alerts and these only go as e-mails. It was planned as a complimentary service while we tested our App's ring-fencing function. Rest assured, if you're on the Txt service, it is still working, but because low-level Lerts are sent as e-mail, you might get the impression we're not sending Txts. We are, but they are for medium severity or higher.

App Update

Steady progress is being made and we hope to start testing it next month. This will work on any smartphone as long as the phone has internet access. If you still want Txts, they will be available, but we will be raising the price to cover an increase to our costs.


The App is more intelligent, so there will be fewer alerts, but when you do get one, it's more likely to be important.
These maps show the difference: the big pink area is what we would currently ring-fence for a Desert Road alert; the smaller one is the App ring-fenced area.
People in the small pink area will get alerts, and so will people with the App who move INTO the area. If you have the Txt service, you will ONLY get an alert if your registered location is INSIDE the small pink area.

Keep Contacting Us

We encourage members to send us reports. We find these very accurate and very timely.
On the 31st of Aug, we sent 3 alerts, all supplied by members for major crashes. We had alerts out ~30 mins before official information came through from Police or NZTA. It's hard to know quicker than from someone on the spot!
All you will need to do is click on Contact Us, tell us what's happened & where, then click Send.
We have every confidence in these reports, as in 6 years of operation we have not received a false report out of the hundreds sent to us. We really want to encourage this. At present you can message us on Facebook or via lertinfo@gmail.com

Severity levels

Your level affects the Lerts you get.
Severe: rare, a handful per year, always important.
High: perhaps a handful per month, serious.
Medium: a good compromise. More Lerts, most weather warnings, floods or fires that have potential to reach houses, etc.
Low: you get all Lerts, low-level ones are sent email-only; mostly road alerts, weather watches, product recalls.
Click on the link at the bottom of any Lert to change your Severity level.

All the best and stay A-LERT!

The Lert Info team

Alerting New Zealand