Dear Kiwi,

A Bitter End to September

It's been a while since we had a catch-up, but what better way to start than with a polar blast?! This set records for us, having to send over 100 alerts related to the southern storm.

Our most popular pic - ever!

We hope you managed ok. A great start to the holidays for some, but spare a thought for the farmers who were out in it (and their lambs!)

Lake Ohau Fire

Fire risks are changing frequently around the country. The Lake Ohau fire is an extremely sad, and yet thought-provoking example of how quickly fire can take hold. The area was at "high fire danger" at the time, and with winds in excess of 80kph – was a recipe for disaster.

Informing us of Events

We love hearing from you and seeing photos, but to inform us quickly of an event or emergency, Facebook is not the tool to use. Sometimes we don't see messages in a timely way. This is partly because of Facebook's design, but also because we give priority to sending Lerts. Instead, please send them via e-mail to

E-mail vs Txt Subscriptions

We're really happy to be keeping you safer with alerts, but if you get "Email Only", please remember there can be long delays. The internet sends some of our e-mailed alerts around the world (see diagram).


Additionally, most people don't read emails for quite some time after they arrive.

However, most of us read Txts right away, which is why they are so effective. We've sent many evacuation alerts in the past where delays could have been fatal. Think of the $2/month subscription as a form of property, and life, insurance. Upgrade Here.

Till next time, stay safe, and thank you for your support.

The Lert Info Team
Alerting New Zealand