July 2019

Dear Kiwi,

This winter has been unlike a normal winter, with warmer temperatures and relatively few weather problems - so far!

Alert Areas

On occasion you may get two alerts for a similar weather event. This is because alert areas can overlap and the weather between the two areas may have significant differences. Alert overlaps occur because the weather doesn't respect boundaries.

We have also just added 90 predefined areas to our system for better consistency and improved accuracy.

Help us help others

Subscribers have proven highly valuable in providing vital real-time information to enabled us to inform people much faster.
Contact us and save the link as a bookmark or "Add to homescreen" on your phone so you can e-mail us immediately when you encounter an emergency first-hand. Your information could literally save a person's life!

Live Links

Nearly all "More Info" links we include in alerts, take you to frequently-updated pages (especially road alerts) so you will see the latest information there.

Our News Service

Problem: Facebook is becoming less and less effective at sending posts to you, and come September, they will reduce the number posts you see even further.

Solution: we alert you directly to news articles pertient to your area - so you're able to go straight to detailed information on the emerging situation if you want to.

Faster Alerts Save Lives

E-mail alerts often arrive late and are typically read an hour after they arrive
– not much use in an emergency.

During the Christchurch massacre, many people commented they received e-mail Lerts late (or read them late). That wasn't an issue with our Premium (Txt) service, where everyone got Txts almost instantly. We've sent 568 High or Severe alerts over 7 years – usually fast-moving events such as evacuations, fire, tornados etc.

For much faster and more reliable alerts - Upgrade here.

We want you and your family to be safer. For the price of half a cup of coffee we can do that much better by Txt.


Tatoo Hails Pule - recommends Lert Info
7 November 2018
txt and email alerts are brilliant.
thank you

All the best!

The Lert Info team
Alerting New Zealand