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Greetings Kiwi!

Message delivery

Recently, for a couple of weeks, we sent all alerts as Txt and e-mail. However, it quickly became apparent, we needed to revert back to e-mail only for "Low Level" or non-urgent alerts because when we started 5 yrs ago we only had 4 alert types, now we have 16!

This means tens of thousands additional alerts. The only way to hold the Premium service at $19.95 is to send some alerts as e-mail-only; otherwise we'd have to lift the price to $60!
Apologies for the change.

New Payment Option

Many people have asked for an automatic payment option. We've heard you, and we will be implementing this shortly. This will be $2 per month. Once you've set it up, you will hardly notice the payments.
That means you can get Txts, which are a more effective way to alert you.

Goodbye to Winter

Winter was eventful with the flooding in Canterbury/Otago, and the yearly snows. Our thoughts go to those affected. We now expect equinoctial gales for the next couple of months.
Emergencies often bring out the best in people. It was great to see neighbour helping neighbour with these winter events.
As this was being written, some places had 26ÂșC, some had winds gusting over 100kph, others strong thunderstorms and there has even been surface flooding.
Mother Nature can pack a lot into a single day!

Pacific Ring of Fire

There has been increased earthquake activity in Japan, Mexico, Fiji, NZ, Chile, Vanuatu etc. Philippines & Indonesia have volcanoes to worry about. It's a good reminder that we all need to prepare as best we can. If you can't afford extra food etc, then some small items like a whistle, a few water bottles (used fizzy drink bottles) and some of the items show below, are better than nothing.

Click on the image to expand it.

E-mail versus Txt

Recently we sent an alert by Txt and e-mail for a Lewis Pass closure. Our quality control means we actively monitor alerts each day to see they get delivered. We were alarmed when the txt came through immediately but the e-mail took 4hrs - Sent: 14:31, arrived 18:48!
There is a risk this could happen to you during a big emergency.

Certainly, you can stick with e-mail only, but if delayed e-mails are of concern, upgrade to Txts!

All the best,

The Lert Info team

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