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- June

Dear Kiwi,

As we transition into winter, skiers are praying for snow, while others who have been so adversely affected by weather, just want a break.

The last 3 months have been very busy for us here at Lert and we’ve made a couple of improvements that will keep you safer:

Subscriber reports

By asking people in specific areas what’s happening, we get a far better picture and send more accurate alerts sooner.

Exclusive Alerts Enhance Service Delivery

Over 15 days in May, we sent a record 21 alerts exclusive to Lert Info. These were based on reports from Members, combined with our huge resource of other feeds and common sense.

  1. Exclusive alerts are now an essential tool in our tool kit.
  2. We’re now thinking more proactively to create exclusive alerts. E.g. Giving a few minutes warning when risks to subscribers look imminent.

Txt Alerts - Even More Important Than Ever

Most people read a txt within minutes, which makes them perfect for our time critical alerts.

Many of our exclusive alerts will be time-critical, so when we warn you of say, a line of severe thunderstorms with possible tornadoes is approaching, a 10-15mins lead time gives you the chance to prepare.
You're far more likely to read Txts immediately than an email and is why Civil Defence don’t use email alerts.

The following images show what happened with recent Thunderstorms near Wellington.

We gave members on the Kapiti coast 15mins warning of a wave of storms that could spawn a tornado. A tornado had already caused damage earlier in the day so they were understandably on edge.

Upgrade to Text Alerts

All the best!

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