Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Q: Is there any other NZ service like this?
No, this is the only dedicated, Txt and E-mail service service covering everything.

Q: Why don't we use Facebook for Alerts?
The alerts from our service reach over 99.5% of our members immediately.
Facebook only reaches 20% and can take hours.

Q: Is the service easy to use?
Register, and you're away. Takes just 2 minutes. You can even choose the categories of alerts you want and the minimum severity of your alerts.

Q: How reliable is the service?
99.5% of txts will reach their destinations immediately.
E-mail is sometimes delayed for various internet-related reasons beyond our control. Delay can be more than 30mins.

Q: Where is your information sourced?
From over 200 sources, such as NZTA, AA, Civil Defence, Police, mainstream media and the lert community.


Q: What types of alerts do you provide?
Everything that warrants an alert. Civil Defence, weather, bio-security, Police, toxic shellfish, farming specific alerts, etc.
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Q: What are the main reasons I should use Lert Info?

  1. It's automatic
  2. It's extremely flexible
  3. It's simple
  4. We use credible sources
  5. We are a hub for information
  6. Facebook posts from others sources will not reach 50% of the time. Many posts will not appear on your page for up to 2 hours because of the way Facebook works. Not good in a fast moving situation.

Q: Do I receive Lerts for the whole country?
No, you only get lerts for the location you registered for.

Q: Can I choose several locations?
Yes. This is done by registering multiple times, once for each location. You need a different e-mail address for each.

Q: Why is Lert Info good for businesses?
Businesses can take the necessary action to protect staff and plant, shutting it down, or sending staff home before it's too late. It also makes you more compliant with the WorkSafe legislation. They have told us that if you know of a system that can keep staff safe and you don't use it, then you could be liable.

Q: How do I unsubscribe?
Log into your account and choose Unsubscribe. Or, you can just e-mail us and we'll do it for you.

Q: What are your Terms of Service?
You can read them here.

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Comparison of our two services


Txt & E-mail




Alerts are sent to you personally

Messages based on your chosen location (home or work) 

Links to extra information


Can display maps (2)


Works during power cuts


High reliability


Specific ring-tone can be set just for alerts


Doesn't suffer delays


Most likely to read immediately (2)


Message backup


(1) If you have a battery-powered device

(2) 80% of people read their txt messages within a couple of minutes