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Are You Ready For A Tsunami?

Hi Kiwi,

A few days ago, Indonesia was been struck by a M7.5 quake at 10km, which created a devastating tsunami. It is thought there was an undersea landslide plus the fault fracture zone movement. To see footage of the actual tsunami go to Indonesian Tsunami. Warning - This is a compilation of various scenes and is a bit graphic with panicking people. It's intended to help you appreciate tsunami more. If you're near a lake, river or the sea, being aware of your surroundings could help you get to safety.

Product and Food Recalls

We usually send these as national alerts by email and usually low level. Unfortunately we don't know who will be affected. There is such a variety, from National food recalls, to products, cars, toys etc so we need to send them to everyone in the area affected. If you don't want them change your setting from low to medium. You may still get the odd one.


There is a plethora of scams out there. Please be aware – if it looks too good to be true it probably is. If you are asked for your details DON'T GIVE THEM. If unsure, like when a scam looks to be from your bank or a business you deal with, phone the apparent source to confirm.
The scammers are getting incredibly creative. If they phone you and sound genuine, tell them you're busy and can you call them back. If there is ANY hedging or hesitation on their part or they don't give a number HANG UP, it's probably a scam.

APP UPDATE, APP FEATURES - My Lerts, Contact us, All live alerts

Really good progress is being made on this and it's looking fantastic. Its design very user-friendly. At the tap of your screen you will see all your current and past alerts, you can contact us and also see alerts in areas you may be going to.

Road Alerts

On occasion we can send a cancellation of a road alert within minutes of the first advisory. This is because of NZTA protocol that requires confirmation of the incident and then getting it into their system. Sometimes, by the time they have processed the notice, the situation is resolved and our cancellation can be within minutes of the original alert.
If you see a serious crash please contact us. Up to 90 minutes can be cut off the delays in getting alerts out to others if you report them to us, after you have contacted authorities.

E-mail Delays

Random subscribers have received emails up to an hour after our sending. This is not ideal during an emergency, but there is nothing we do about it. It's one of big drawbacks of email. This is not exclusive to our service either. Subscribers on our TXT service are still getting their Txts immediately.
If you want to be told faster, just login and upgrade. The $2 monthly fee could save your life.

Stay Safe!

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