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26 May 2020
*Lert* Src= NZTA 10:33
Planned Periodic Closures - resurfacing. Homer Tunnel, June 2 to June 12 More Info
 +14 days, 22:47 hrs
[Milford Rd]
20 May 2020
*Lert* Src= NZTA 17:34
SH73 Porter River Bridge, 50-minute delays for six nights from June 2. More Info
 +8 days, 5:47 hrs
[SH73 Porter River Bridge]
20 May 2020
*Lert* Src= NZTA 12:30
Closures. May 24 - June 21. Inland Route 70 will close at the Waiau Bridge More Info
 +0:44 hrs
[SH70 inland route]
4 Apr 2020
*Lert* Src= NZTA 15:45
Planned road works: SH2 Waioeka Gorge, April 6th to May 31st. More Info
 +7 days, 3:59 hrs
[SH2 Waioeka Gorge.]
26 May 2020
*Lert* Src= GNS 13:42
NEWS: Aftershock 143 from yesterdays M5.8 was a bit of a shake! The M5.2 event was reported felt by over 19500 people.
26 May 2020
*Lert* Src= Metlink 13:07
Some Wellington train services are delayed following the 5.2 quake west of Levin at 12:30

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