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"...Awesome service!! Has definitely saved me a few times.
Thank you.
– Callum Tews

"I love the Lert service, it's saved me quite a few headaches with the inclement weather we get round these parts."
– Nigel

"Lert Info is amazing. It was incredible during all of Canterbury's events. I am a flight attendant, so feel safe with this system."
– Lee

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"Thanks for the service, lertinfo is really great and works a treat for road transport. The alerts really have saved us time when working out of town. Cheers"
– Mike Hedley, Transport Assistance Ltd

Latest six of 7 Live alerts - for NZ

19 Jul 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:22
Rain watch: 7pm Fri-7am Sat. Heavy rain with T/Storms may approach warning levels esp in the ranges. More Info
 +18:47 hrs
[Tasman West of Motueka]
19 Jul 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:18
Rain watch 4am Sat-4pm Sat. Periods of heavy rain, amounts may approach warning criteria. More Info
 +1 days, 4:43 hrs
[Gisborne region Nth of Gisb City]
19 Jul 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:15
Period: 9am Fri-6am Sat Periods of heavy rain, and amounts may approach warning criteria. More Info
 +18:40 hrs
[BOP W of Whakatane]
19 Jul 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:12
Rain watch: 12am Sat-9am Sat. Amounts may approach warning levels. More Info
 +22:37 hrs
[Coromandel (Reg)]
19 Jul 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 09:58
Rain watch: 8pm Fri-8am Sat. May approach warning levels. More Info
 +20:23 hrs
[Northland, Auckland north of Whangaparaoa Peni]
19 Jul 2024
*Lert* Src= MPI 09:47
Food recall. New World Wanaka Made in Store Spaghetti Bolognese and Spaghetti and Meatballs. May contain glass. More Info
 +10:12 hrs
[Wanaka to Cromwell]

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