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"...Awesome service!! Has definitely saved me a few times.
Thank you.
– Callum Tews

"I love the Lert service, it's saved me quite a few headaches with the inclement weather we get round these parts."
– Nigel

"Lert Info is amazing. It was incredible during all of Canterbury's events. I am a flight attendant, so feel safe with this system."
– Lee

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"Thanks for the service, lertinfo is really great and works a treat for road transport. The alerts really have saved us time when working out of town. Cheers"
– Mike Hedley, Transport Assistance Ltd

Latest six of 21 Live alerts - for NZ

20 May 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 21:32
Rain warning. 6am Tue -6pm Wed. Upto 200mm expected. Largest accumulations likely south of SH5. Very heavy periods. More Info
 +1 days, 17:51 hrs
[Hawkes Bay (Reg)]
20 May 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 20:25
Severe T/Storm Watch. 2am Tue - 9:00am More Info
 +7:44 hrs
[BOP (Reg)]
20 May 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 20:23
Severe T/Storm Watch. 8pm Mon to 4:00am Tue. More Info
 +3:42 hrs
[Northland, Auckland, Great Barrier Island, Cor]
20 May 2024
*Lert* Src= Product safety 11:42
Four new product recalls. Kiddies nightware, weight bench, outboard motor, pneumatic stapler. More Info
 +11:01 hrs
[North Is]
20 May 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:13
Rain watch: noon Tue 9am Wed. May approach warning amounts. More Info
 +1 days, 9:32 hrs
[Wairarapa + Tararua]
20 May 2024
*Lert* Src= MetServ 10:11
Rain watch: 4am Tue-6pm Wed. Mat approach warning amounts. T/Storms Tuesday afternoon. More Info
 +15:30 hrs
[Gisborne (Reg)]

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